Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

We'll just pass by here really fast

May 29,2017

So this week was really cool. So on Tuesday we had cambios and were waiting for the two missionaries that are in our house. Both the missionaries that lived with us went to different houses so we waited for them to help them find there house and there church and stuff. Then on Wednesday we had a painting project with an hermano from the ward and as we were painting(the ceiling) one of the boarding's that I was painting fell right on my face. It weighed next to nothing so it didn`t hurt at all but it did cover my face with white paint. On Thursday we had interviews with president and that same afternoon we had to travel to Concepcion for some meetings. However President was going to Conce as well so he just took us with him and it was really cool. Friday we had a meeting and we got back really late. Saturday we visited as many people as we could and Sunday
as well. It was a really packed week. I had a bunch of fun though.

My comp and I are having a lot of fun with the new elders in our house. One is from Utah and he is Elder Hartgivsen, the other is from Alaska and his name is Elder Ziemer. We had a load of fun today as we cooked and did stuff in the house.

Love you all a bunch.

Elder Miller
                                                             Conception... Council

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