Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Monday, August 31, 2015

I learned spanish but I should have learned Castillano.

 Week Seven
So I am officially in Chile. It is rainy a lot and I love it. I love how all the chileans speak. There is so much slang that its just crazy. Thus the title of the email. So my trainer (as everyone in the Mish says your parent) is Elder Cox. He is from Kaysville but he didnt know anyone that I did. Our area is a small town named Vilcún about an hour away from a bigger town named Temuco. I really love it here. There are a lot of people in the area who are recent converts and we get to teach them a lot.

Bread here is super good. Also I had some roasted flour. Basically they just toast flour before they grind it. You can mix it with water or milk. It smells like frosted mini wheats and its great. They also eat a lot of soup here and the family that I live with are really good at cooking.

I will get some pictures of the volcano that is really close to us. Apparently on a clear day there are 5 volcanos that you can see. There are a total of seven close to me though. Dont worry though. I feel totally safe.

I feel pretty good about the spanish but there is a lot of slang and stuff. Also something really funny is that a lot of the time they randomly put -po after words. So it would be like si-po and it will throw you off a little.

Elder Miller

CCM District 5D Despedida photos:

We send our love with you all and know that you will find joy and happiness in this great work.  Thanks for your examples of dedication, obedience, and diligence.  Open your hearts to the people.  They will love you.

Hermana Call

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pictures for your soul

Week 6

(Hermano Hernandez) One of Karolina's Teachers when she was in the Mexico MCC  hunted Kelton Down just to get a picture before he left for Chile)

This last Sunday one of the members of our branch presidency who doesn't speak fluent english was giving a talk and as I listened and felt the spirit I realized that I don't have to be able to speak the language perfectly I just need to be able to let the spirit do the teaching.

Just some pictures from the squad. Coolest district ever.

 Sister Martinez served in with Hermana Karolina Miller in the Washington Everette Mission. Taught Elder Miller in his Field Orientation Class.



Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Solo Español... ¿En Verdad?

Week 5

First off it is really hard to know what to write. So much happens here but at the same time not much occurs. I will say however that it is really exciting for me right now because I just got my flight plans and general itinerary. It is an eight hour and a half hour flight to Santiago then we take an hour and a half flight to Concepción. We fly out on Monday and arrive Tuesday. Other than that exciting piece of information we also got to go to the Mexico City Temple open house today. It was a really great experience. I got to take a nap on the bus ride back. So same old me.

I am pretty excited to go to the field. I feel ready with my Spanish abilities. At least enough to survive until I get fluent at least.

I might not have an opportunity to email next week due to how P-Days fall so don't worry too much if you don't hear from me. Promise I will be fine.

If you have any questions that you want answers to feel free to email me. If you have questions you don't want answers to email me anyway and I won´t answer them. 

As always I have to say my district is the best and so are my meastras. 

So I know sometimes parents have to give talks in sacrament meeting every once in a while so if they ask soon you can have Brother Reeder read this: En el CCM hacemos muchas cosas. Todas las cosas nos prepare por el campo misional. Mi testimonio es mas fuerte de cuando yo fuí al CCM. Yo se que Dios nos ama y quiere para nosotros siga el ejemplo de Cristo. Se es posible por nosotros a aprender por nuestros mismos de verdad de todas las cosas si tenemos fe en Jesucristo y su Expiación. Por favor hacen las cosas que necesitan hacer para haller por usted mismo. En el nombre de Jesucristo amen.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 5?

Week 4

Life here at the CCM is pretty much the same as usual. Wake up, study, eat, study, get taught, teach, eat some more, teach and get taught again, do language study on the computers then do more language study off of computers then go back to the apartment and go to sleep. However as monotonous as that sounds its not bad because as I have previously stated my district is the absolute best. It really doesn't seem to me that I have been out that long at all. I am super excited to get out to the field. the temple in concepción is just out of my mission boundaries but the ground breaking is in october. Also in october is General Conference which I think I have said before I am super excited for.  It is odd for me to think that I am currently in a different country and that this time in two weeks I will be somewhere in Chile. It is really good hearing from all of you and you can feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel knows me well enough to want it. 

This last tuesday we got to see Elder Nelson talk at the Provo MTC via live streaming and it was a great talk. Hearing an apostle talk was just stoking my excitement for General Conference. In my time here I have obviously had a lot of time to search ponder and pray as a primary song directs and it is really great to be able to have a better understanding of ... well a lot of things. On of the things that I want to share is about repentance. A lot of the time we think of repentance as something hard and the connotation isn't good. However repentance is merely aligning your actions to better fit the knowledge that you have of what you should be doing. Something that I have learned is "Doctrine understood changes behavior." and although we may know the words and the stories it isn't until we truly understand for ourselves that we can truly change our actions. Although we still make mistakes even once we have that understanding its what we do after those mistakes that what truly makes the  difference. It doesn't matter what you've done the atonement more than makes up for any mistake we could make. Don't take my word for it though. Find out for yourself.      
                                             Pictured Elder Felix and I and Rainy Mexico.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hi we are here to teach you about José Cristo... I mean Jesucristo

Week Three

It hardly seems like a week has passed since the last time that I emailed. However it has and I am sending another email. Just letting you know my district is still awesome and we are still learning at an alarming rate. I feel that I have been able to do so much over the past few weeks and its pretty great. It´s hard to believe that I am halfway done with my experience at the CCM. I am really looking forward to being able to go to Chile. I just wanted to let you all know that you are not forgotten and I keep you in my prayers but I am doing well. This week we were able to listen to a couple of really good talks. One by Elder Bednar and the other by Elder Holland. Everyone here looks forward to conference so much even though its still a few months away. 

This week for service we got to help fold blankets and sheets for the entire CCM. We are basically pro now so I can always look forward to my folding skills. Everyone is back to being healthy after the plague that hit. Luckily it left about as soon as it came. Just let me know if you have anything you would like to hear about and I will be happy to answer the next time I send emails.

   Additional tidbit sent to his favorite sister, Lina:

Hey, so, I don't know if you know this, but Rebecca Weigeshoff is here. It was kind of funny how we ran into each other. I was just with my district, like always, and we were just sitting down for a devotional. I was standing up, and I heard someone say, "Hold on, I need to find Elder Miller really fast." Knowing that Elder Miller is a common name here in the MTC, I sarcastically say, "I'm Elder Miller," to which she freaks out and runs down to me. It takes me a second to remember who she is, but I did. Yep, that's all, folks.

                                              Some pics for your soul