Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Well cambios came around and I have some news. I have been called to go to a different sector. I am going to a town called Curacautin. It is bigger than vilcún but it is still pretty small. This is also going to be the first time that I am in a district and not in a stake. It is also really close to Volcan LLaima. the volcano that I saw basically everyday for the first six months of the mission.  Also this sector is the sector that is know for being the coldest in the mission. Actually sometimes it snows there so it is going to be a blast. Also I am going to be companions with a gringo again. His name is Elder Pace.

Life goes on here in Chile.

This week we had a conference with Elder Packer and it was amazing. He is the son of Boyd K. Packer. I learned so much. Especially about the Holy Spirit and the role and purpose that it has. I am really excited for the transfer.

Love you all.

Elder Kelton Miller

A Trip to Ñielol


So highlight of this week is definetly the event defined by the following picture.    

​so this is me and my comp. The mission president and our investigator who got baptized. so that was a really cool experience.
funny thing is that it was a reference from a different ward. In a complicated turn of events we actually had the baptism in the chapel of the Ñielol ward in the other stake. Which is actually the ward which has Vilcún. I saw a lot of familiar faces there. also I heard that The very first family that we baptized in Vilcún went and got sealed in the temple! also the other family is working toward getting sealed in the temple! so that was a really happy day for me.

also we had an actividad de zona, Zone activity. It was really fun. We made really awesome shirts for it as well. This is Elder Putnam he is in the same house as me.

Love you all,


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

God Answers Prayers

God Answers prayers

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First off I would like to tell you that it has been really difficult for me to spell these last few days.

Okay so story time. My companion and I were talking to someone we had met before in the street and we began to teach them in the street. They were worried because they were waiting for a friend that they hadn´t seen in a long time and they didn`t have a phone number to get a hold of them and such. We both feel impressed to promise that a sincere prayer would be the resolution to their situation. They began to pray and literally as the word amen left her mouth her phone started ringing. One the other side of the phone is her mother saying that the friend had arrived at the house and that she should come back. I know it sounds like we were teaching a five year old but we weren't. I know that God answers prayers and I know that when we pray with faith we will see miracles.

 Also this week we started the new missionary schedule and it is fantastic. We are seeing lots of fruits here in Labranza and it is going pretty great here. 

Well Love you all,

Elder Kelton Miller