Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Monday, October 26, 2015

Rain and Sun makes for lots of Fun.

Forgive me for the title of this email. I know that I shouldn't rhyme. This last week has been a lot like the others. We teach people and they don't go to church. We are working on it though. We have been teaching a lot of new investigators and it is always interesting to see the different type of backgrounds that you get to teach. Most people are either Catholic or Evangélico, meaning like baptist or something. We are teaching one person who doesn't believe in God and that is a good experience. He is really cool and smart and the important part is that he reads the Book of Mormon. 

The weather is getting warmer as we are coming out of winter right now. The rain is constant. However it is easy to find cool umbrellas here. I had a really hard task with that in the states.   

Also for the first time I made BANANA PANCAKES. It was great and really easy. I like to cook for myself but dont often get the chance.

As always I am open to any questions that you may have.
Elder Miller
A funny experience that I have had is as follows :
 I was at the a members house for lunch when the member got a phone call from the missionary that baptized her. She began to tell the Elder about the current missionaries in the area. When she was describing me she told the Elder that I was from Russia instead of saying I was blonde. This is due to the closeness of the words in Spanish. The elder believed her and since then she has been telling everyone that I am from Russia 

A spiritual experience that I have had is that in the last week we have been taking our recent converts to lessons with us. One of the converts is always joking about not wanting to go to church. During a lesson we invited the investigator to go to church. Our convert then testified of her own personal experience with church and how it has helped her. It wasn't anything complex but a simple confirmation of the things we have been teaching. This experience confirmed that I am actually helping people to draw closer to God and make important changes in their lives.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Wonderful week of Miracles here in Vilcùn

I would like to share a bit about the week that we had. It was so crazy preparing for the wedding. We weren't able to have it in the campo because of heavy rain the previous days but we had a wonderful time. The following day we had the baptism and it was fantastic. I already sent the pictures. So enjoy. Sunday was really great as well because it is when we had fast and testimony meeting and they all shared their testimonies. We also have been working with some of the members so that they could recieve the Melchezediek priesthood and they received it sunday as well. 

This week was really fantastic. However I need to inform you all that tomorrow the 20th of October is my Moms birthday so wish her a happy one.

Elder Miller

Monday, October 12, 2015

Over the river and into the woods.

This last week was really crazy. We are doing a lot of service in preparation for a baptism this week that we are going to have in a river. The family we are baptizing is really awesome. I'll send pictures and all that jazz after the baptism. We also had a stake conferance and two members of the seventy were there.They also rearranged the stake presidency and now we dont have a bishop. Which doesnt really change much for good old Vilcún because we are so far out from the ward anyway. However we do have a need for a bishop this week for interviews and stuff but I am sure it will all turn out fine. 

Also this last week we had transfers. I am in the same place with the same companion but I have new people to get to know in my zone. It's pretty cool. The majority of the people stayed however so I dont have to learn to many new names.

Elder Viñas of the seventy who was recently put into the area presidency as well spoke a lot about keeping the sabbath day holy. He said that we have to take the sacrament every week and that if we dont attend church meetings in full then we aren't fulfilling the sabbath day. Of course he said all of this in spanish but I translated.

Anyway I am going to send some pictures of the volcano and also the three people in the mission from the valley all happened to be at a chiropractic office at the same time and I got a pic with Elder Duffin and Elder Clark.

Feel free to email and ask questions.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Three New Apostles

So I was really surprised by the calling to apostleship because I was totally expecting the three nephites to be called. I guess not.

I will talk a bit more about conference later but first other things.
This week we headed back up to the mission office for return and report. It was great to see all the friends I had made in the CCM. I am having a little trouble getting the pictures dealt with so you will have to wait for that. I learned a lot and it was revitalizing but the most important part was that there were brownies. It was great.

Conference was great and I got to watch it in English which was spectacular. We went to the stake center in Temuco which is about an hour away from where we live. I would just like to share a bit of what I learned during this conference. I learned and had reaffirmed to me that the commandments aren´t just a bunch of things we have to do so that we can be worthy to go to the temple. Although the temple is our ultimate goal the and we need to keep the commandments to be able to enter into it we are given them kind of like a users guide to our body and our mind. When we follow them we will be the happiest and most physically well that we can be. After all God made our bodies it only makes sense that he knows how we should use them. I have had my own personal testimony of this strengthened on my mission because this is the strictest I have adhered to the commandments in my life. It is also the time that I have been happiest by myself regardless of the outside circumstances. I know that if we don't understand something about them we can get a testimony by keeping it because we don't get a testimony until after the trail of our faith.

Elder Miller