Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Counseling with our councils.

This week was really wild again. We were really busy preparing for the
counsel with all of the zone leaders. We got everything ready and
despite a lot of setbacks and challenges everything turned out
alright. We had lunch with Hermana Ingrid. She is the cook for
president and she actually lives in our ward! (Tender Mercy) She is by
far the best cook I have met in my mission.

A little more about my sector. It is really nice. I feel like I am
back in the states. There are fast food places, delivery, a lot of
cars, and I live around the corner from a church house. I also feel
like a have a office job again. I go into the office at 9 and leave
around 5. However instead of going back home to relax I go back to my
area to contact and teach people. However I feel I am learning good
habits for when I do return home. It is a lot harder to be spiritual
when you don´t have three hours in the morning to study.
There was a broadcast with Elder Bednar. He was speaking to a few and
the missions in Argentina and they broadcast-ed it to the whole south
america south area. It was so great. Elder Bednar is really an Apostle
of the lord. If you don´t believe me ask God. He will tell you the
same thing.
More than ever I am aware now of the experiences that I have already
had in my life and that they were a preparation for this time and this
place. I am really pleased to have this knowledge and I want to be
able to apply it to the best of my ability in the service of God. More
than anything it is God´s work  and I am just a small part.

My best wishes to you all.

Elder Miller 

                                     {pictures from Mission Christmas mission conference}

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A trip to Boca and back again

                                                    photo taken by: Hermana Hopkins

This week was really great. I was in the office for a lot of it
getting things ready for conferences and the such. However I was able
to go on an intercambio with the other Elders in my District. They
happen to be in one of the sectors with the worst reputation for being
dangerous and overall ghetto. My trip to Boca Sur. It is close enough
to the ocean that on the horizon you see the ocean. So that is cool. I
didn´t have any problems with the people but it was a good experience.
I didn´t take any pictures down there because I didn´t want my camera
to get stolen.

In my own sector we have an investigator from a very small town in
Idaho. She doesnt speak spanish but the ward members are so supportive
of her. They are always visiting her and she is friends with everyone
in the ward even though they don´t speak the same language.

Anyway I just want to share with you my little testimony about
missionary work. I know that it is the work of the Lord and that it is
most effective when the members and the missionaries work together in
unison. I know that you don´t have to be perfect to be able to invite
and that as we invite we are doing our part even if the people don´t

I love you all and hope that you have a good week.

Elder Miller


Saturday, February 13, 2016

WHOO!!! This cambio was crazy! I got an unexpected call last saturday
from the mission president telling me to pack because the very next
day I was needed in Concepcion to work in the mission office. All the
members in Vilcún got really upset because I was leaving two days
early. However we proceeded anyway with a really cool final sunday in
Vilcun. I took a bus the very next day after lunch to concepcion and
due to various delays I arrived at 12:30 in the night. However the
very next morning I was up very early to learn how to work in the
office and to help all of the missionaries that were going home get
everything they needed. We got everything ready and I got to eat
dinner with president and it was really great. Also his wife makes
spectacular deserts so I was happy with that. We dropped off all of
the missionaries at the hotel and then got everything ready for the
incoming missionaries for the next day. Bright and early we said good
bye to those leaving and waited with anticipation for those who were
going to arrive. We greeted the 32 incoming missionaries and 64+
incoming luggage bags with great excitement. The coolest part of all
of this was seeing them the next day while they were getting assigned
to there trainers. (Two of them being from my same district in the CCM
and also Elder Duffin was one)

Now my sector is right in the most northern part of the mission and I
am in a big ward that meets in the stake center. My companion is named
Elder Runyan and we are in the same house as the Assistants to the
president. The best part is that we can order food to the apartment!

I am going to get so fat. 

Well love you all and hope that you are having a wonderful Valentines Day Eve.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Release the Snitch!

We played quidditch today! As the snitch we had none other than a freaking pig. In other news I am really excited for this next week I have to work. Time is just flying by. I am probably leaving my sector and getting transferred to a different area next week but we don't have the official transfers though.

To tell you about whats happening in Vilcun. The members are all doing really well and are super animated to help us. We have a wedding/baptism planned for this Friday and it is really great. They are Mauricio and Alejandra. They are super pumped to get married and baptized.

My comp is really great we are so happy with all that is going on but recently we have just been attacked with bugs out the whazoo. 

The member we live behind just got fed up with them and lit all of the dead ones on fire.