Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Just another week in the city of San Pedro

This week has been really normal. We have been able to get out of the
office a lot more and work in the sector. Area. Not actually sure what
you call it in English but here in this mission we call it a sector
which is actually a Spanish word as well. Things are progressing well
here and we are actually in the last week of cambios. Things always
get really stressful for us in this week but I feel really calm about
it right now. We found out recently who is going to be our new mission
president. His name is President May and he is from Alabama. Both he
and his wife speak Spanish. I will probably be in the mission office
for three different mission presidents.

Also things really sneak up on you. I am just about to my second skype
on my mission. It is really weird to think things like that. I still
feel really pavo... turkey. Doesn´t really translate well.

Well anyway this week was actually really sad as well. I have seen a
lot of missionaries go home. Most of them because they have finished
their their mission time and are going home. I have seen a fair bit go
home for health reasons and things like that as well. However this
week  my companion and I had to go to the airport and help an Elder
going home for health reasons and I was impacted. It might have been
because this particular Elder had come to the mission the same time as
me and we were well acquainted. It could have also been because my
companion and I were the only ones there sending him off this time.
However, in any case I quedé impresionado. I began to think. I am
really glad to be here in the mission and to have the gospel of Jesus
Christ in my life. It is something very important to me and I love it.

Elder Miller

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Near and Far

So this week was a different week. Although I was deeply engaged in my office duties I as well had to go install some alarm systems in houses this week. It was a really cool experience. We got to drive down the coast for almost two hours and there were some spectacular views.  As seen below.

Also this week Elder Chavez had a birthday and we got invited to presidents house for a dinner and a family home evening. It was a very uplifting family home evening and we got to eat Mexican food. Which is way different from Chilean food.

That is Elder Chavéz and the Mylers. They all had Birthdays this last week.

Also in our sector I had forgotten to tell you about Shirley. She is the one who got baptized recently. It is a really cool story. She is actually from Idaho. She moved down to Chile with her husband and she doesn´t speak any Spanish really. She met the missionaries and now she got baptized. 

Recently we also found a new investigator as well who is from Ecuador. Her name is Glenda and she lived in the states for several years and speaks english. The first time she came to church when she went into relief society she translated for Shirley.

Love you all,
Elder Miller

Saturday, April 16, 2016

It has started to rain

This week has been rather good. It has definitely changed seasons here in Concepcion. However it is okay because when it is raining more people have pity on you and let you into their house.

I am really short on time this week but I will let you all know that I am happy and that I am doing okay. Also I know that what I am doing is good and I am where I need to be.

                                                                        Elder Miller

Saturday, April 9, 2016

They left and we stayed

This week was rather spectacular. Since the last time I wrote all of
you we had a wonderful general conference and many other miracles that
have happened. 

[insert] [Our church building is the stake center and we
watched conference there. We got to listen in English except for the
Sunday morning session where the needed the overflow room for people
who speak Spanish. My favorite talk was either Elder Bednars or Elder
Hollands. I still can´t believe that the let him show that picture in
conference. It was dope. ] to mom

So right now in the mission the president is doing
interviews and going to all the different parts of the mission. This
week instead of us going with him to do things we were able to stay in
our sector and do some office tasks. It was really amazing because we
were able to get a lot of things done in our area. We did a
companionship exchange with the zone leaders. It went really well. I
went back down to Boca de la costa. This time I was in the even
sketchier part. It was raining cats and dogs and we were just going
ham. We found so many different new families to teach. Meanwhile in my
own area my companion was with the other zone leader and they did a
baptismal interview with one of investigators (the one from Idaho)  and now she is getting
baptized today mismo.

I don´t have any pictures this week because we were in the ghetto and
I couldn´t take out my camera.

Love you all
Elder Miller

                                                          Church to watch Conference in

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Vistiting Hours.


So I don´t have much time to write ​but I just wanted to let you all know that I went to jail. 

Don´t worry though they are very kind. 

No it was only for one day and it wasn´t my fault. There was one of the missionaries who was going home who had problems going through airport security and we had to go with him to get everything worked out. This all ending up in us staying in the detainment room for 12 hours. Pretty cool huh?

Overall it was a pretty good week though. We did a lot of work in the office. It didn´t help losing one whole day by being in jail. Other eventful things that happened this week is that we had transfers. I stayed the same and have the same companion but there were a lot of other changes. It was like being in the eye of the storm. 

I am really excited for general conference and actually that is why we can´t write too long is because our P-day is short because conference starts at 1:00 over here.

Love you all.
Elder Miller

Elder Runyans[http://elderjoshuarunyan.blogspot.com] insert

So this week was another locura! Just to tell you, it was a pretty crazy one.  Wait for it……. We went to jail!

WHAT?!?! I know, right?! By saying we went to jail -- my companion and I weren't detained or anything like that; but a missionary went to jail and we had to stay there in the cell with him for like 12 hours. He was one of the ones finishing his mission, and accidentally had left a bullet in his carry-on bag. The carabineros (police) showed up and took him to jail! It happened just 10 minutes before the new missionaries were to arrive and we were supposed to be helping getting everything done with them! We had to drive like an hour outside of our mission (with President's permission of course) to go be in jail with him. They had to detain him until they received an answer from fiscal as to whether or not he would be set free or go to court.   Yeah, he had to go to court. The church sent a lawyer to help him and he was set free after spending the night detained with orders to leave the country as soon as possible. 
Pretty nuts huh?