Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The change, the trip, and the popcorn.

July 10, 2017
This week I will tell you about three things. The change as in my change of companion. He is Elder Carrascal from bogota Columbia. He is great and we are going to see miracles. Working overtime all the time.

The trip. This week we traveled a lot. To Concepcion for a meeting, to Renaico to see a baptism, to Collipulli to see a baptism it is a lot of traveling but totes worth it.

The popcorn. Nada que ver. There is nothing to do with popcorn. I just wanted to put it in the title.

Love ya´ll,

Elder Miller

And upon these plates I write whats happening write now.

July 3, 2017

So some pretty cool things have been happening here in Angol. This week I have been with Elder Glach and it has been fantastic. He is a convert and a year after being baptized he left on his mission. It has been real.

However recently we found out what the transfers are and I am pretty excited because things are returning to normal here in Angol. My new companion is Elder Carrascal. He is from Colombia and he is really cool. Glad to report as well that Elder Glach is getting his companion as well and can now return to his ward full time.  We also had a activity this morning with a lot of the missionaries in the zone. It was raining so we didn`t want to do it in the church but the whole zone is elders so we just decided to have the activity in our house. We borrowed a grill from a member nearby and just grilled stuff for the fourth of July. It was great. I made potato salad.


Basically we are all just really excited for everything that is going on.

Love Elder Miller



 June 26, 2017

So last week on Monday night president gave us a little curve ball. We were just doing our thing and then president calls and asks to meet with us in our house. We start thinking to remember if we did anything wrong. Maybe he was going to bring us a dryer because we are going to be getting those soon or who knows what. Anyway he gets there and asks to talk with my companion in private. I just stay in the other room with his wife and take the time to show here how to prepare a traditional drink called mate and then after a while president and my companion come out and he tells me. Well I have decided to call your companion as my assistant. Hope you don`t mind. He will be coming up this week. I just think. "Bueno, it is the lords will."

Anyway right now I am with Elder Glach from Colorado. He is really cool He is a convert of 2 years. He has one year in the mission. He is just really cool. Also he is a writer and does a lot of cool stuff. I am with him because he didn`t have a companion either and we were just two orphans in the zone. Right now we are covering the two wards and we are having loads of fun. 

Next week we should be getting our real companions but for the mean time we are just doing our own little thing down here.

Lots of love,

Elder Miller

A Father and a brother

June 19, 2017

So this week we had a whole bunch of things going on and it was great. Tuesday we had really awesome district meetings. I am constantly impressed with the district leaders that we have here in the zone. Wednesday we had a really wonderful day. We were just packed with appointments and even though there was like torrential rain we were out there going from house to house. I will be sending pictures. Thursday it continued raining and we traveled early to Los Angeles for a multi zone conference. It was really cool. In the conference president explained the following:

Jesus in the scriptures is often refereed to as our Father. This is not to say the he is Heavenly Father, the being in which we pray to but it does refer to us being born again in Jesus. For example there is a scripture in Mosiah that says he is the father and the son, It is where Abinadi is talking and explaining about Jesus. However we need to understand that First God our Heavenly Father is the Creator, the great Arquitect. God the Son is Jesus Christ a separate entity and being with a body of flesh and bone like unto the father. God the Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost, Whatever he is called in English I don`t remember, He is a spirit and has no body if it were not so he could not dwell within us. Lesson for other time. We are talking about how one of the titles of Jesus is Father (Fathers day so I am talking about this.) So Jesus is out brother in the sense that he a spirit Child of our Heavenly Father and he came to this earth to receive his mortal body. However he is our Father because we make a covenant with him and take upon his name. We are "Born again" with his name. As it explains in Mosiah 5:And now, because of the covenant which ye have made ye shall be called the children of Christ, his sons, and his daughters; for behold, this day he hath spiritually begotten you; for ye say that your hearts are changed through faith on his name; therefore, ye are born of him and have become his sons and his daughters.
And under this head ye are made freeand there is no other head whereby ye can be made free. There is no other name given whereby salvation cometh; therefore, would that ye should take upon you the name of Christ, all you that have entered into the covenant with God that ye should be obedient unto the end of your lives.

So example of how this works. My name is Kelton Miller. My fathers name is Keith Miller. I have his last name because I am his son. I have a sister who is married. Her name is now ends with Taylor instead of Miller because she has made a promise or if you would a covenant with her spouse and she has taken his name. As we make covenants with Christ we take upon his name. That is also why many times in the scriptures he is refered to as the bridegroom. In order to get into heaven we need to have the name of Christ. In essence Christ is our Father and we are his spiritual Children 

Love you bunches
Elder Miller

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles

So this week was really cool. My companion and I were really excited to work for a full week and focus on our area. However some things happened and we had to spend a day in another city with some other missionaries one of the days. so we lost one day. However we worked really hard and on Saturday we committed 7 people to go to church. We even had members lined up to pick up the investigators. Sunday morning none of them show up. Not a single one. We were kind of depressed. However in the middle of sacrament one of our investigators showed up. He wasn`t actually one of the one we had committed either. So that was a cool miracle. If there is anything I have learned its that all the fruits come from god.

Also this morning I was studying in the book of Mormon, like the actual book inside the book. Bookception. Anyway Chapter nine is fantastic. In my studies right now I have been counting all the times it refers to Jesus, in any form. I was astounded by the amount of times this chapter testifies of the Lord Jesus Christ. I recommend that you read it because it was amazing.

Love you all.

Elder Miller

Thursday, June 22, 2017

We'll just pass by here really fast

May 29,2017

So this week was really cool. So on Tuesday we had cambios and were waiting for the two missionaries that are in our house. Both the missionaries that lived with us went to different houses so we waited for them to help them find there house and there church and stuff. Then on Wednesday we had a painting project with an hermano from the ward and as we were painting(the ceiling) one of the boarding's that I was painting fell right on my face. It weighed next to nothing so it didn`t hurt at all but it did cover my face with white paint. On Thursday we had interviews with president and that same afternoon we had to travel to Concepcion for some meetings. However President was going to Conce as well so he just took us with him and it was really cool. Friday we had a meeting and we got back really late. Saturday we visited as many people as we could and Sunday
as well. It was a really packed week. I had a bunch of fun though.

My comp and I are having a lot of fun with the new elders in our house. One is from Utah and he is Elder Hartgivsen, the other is from Alaska and his name is Elder Ziemer. We had a load of fun today as we cooked and did stuff in the house.

Love you all a bunch.

Elder Miller
                                                             Conception... Council

La semana de cambios

May 22, 2017

Transfer week. The week in which all of the missionaries are really stressed out to know what is going to happen. I personally have stopped

caring a bit because I don`t find it to be a bother.

However I have to announce that: I am staying with Elder Sanchez. In Alemania. It is pretty cool. We are really excited because we are working with a couple investigators who are progressing a lot and we are pretty sure that they will be baptized this transfer. However at the same time we are sad. Not for ourselves but because the other missionaries in our house are both leaving. We really got a long with them well. We always made sopaipillas on Mondays. One had been there six months and the other is just going to a different ward in this same stake. The new missionary who is coming to our house is going to train and it is going to be so fun messing around with him/ teaching him new things. I am really excited for this.

Oh and for those of you who were maybe wondering I return in August, like the 12th or something like that. 

I would love to hear from you all.

Elder Kelton Miller

This is Elder Morales and Elder Mecham.
We call Elder Morales Lucho.

Como que no voy a creer en Dios

May 15 2017

This week we were privileged to be participants in the baptism of Nolberto. He is 87 and is really funny. He read the whole book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of great Price. Whenever we go over he tells us a really long story and then ends saying after that experience who am I not going to believe in God. He just is awesome. Pictures to follow.

We were also really blessed to be able to Skype with our beloved mothers this week. It was really great. Time really does fly. It was weird to think that this would be the last one here in Chile. Funny story with that. So as we were getting everything ready I was having trouble with the microphone. We decided to run over to an investigator close to the house we were doing Skype in to get a different microphone. We get there and see a tv screen through the curtains. We shout ( they shout here they don`t really knock that much). He doesn`t come to the door. We try speaking to him through the window pane and he says "I'm eating." we then shout to explain the situation and he finally lets us in and lends us his microphone. We then run back and Skype without difficulty.

That is about all. 

Love you all.

Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.

I´m a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it.

Choose the right.

True to the faith.

Return with Honor.

The holy Ghost goes to bed at midnight.

Elder Miller
Oh and those strange faces at the baptism are the assistants. They decided to come and visit us.


La pata pelada

ANGOL...prepared missionaries with their emergency packs. We are all fine. No earthquakes here.

Elder Miller
May 8, 2017
So this week was really cool. We had a fair bit of traveling to do and some meetings in Concepcion and then we worked in our sector for the rest of the week basically.

So when we traveled to Concepcion we stayed with a bunch of other missionaries in an apartment complex. We woke up and we played soccer with all of the missionaries for our morning exercise and it was really cool. There is one missionary who was playing bare foot. No surprise because he is Brazilian and they are crazy for soccer. Then latter in the day we had a wonderful meeting with president and we all really felt the spirit in the meeting. It was wonderful.

This week we also worked with the other missionaries in our house. It was great. I was with Elder Morales. He is from Provo. Then on Saturday we had a church open house. It was cool but it rained a lot so no one came. We only had three people go through. it was all good though. 

Angol is pretty cool.

Lots of Love,

Elder Miller
                                    LOS ÁNGELES NORTE Y SUR Y ANGOL...Multi Zona

President Nelson

Beso a Papí, Pica a los Niños

April 17
Well this week has been fantastic. My comp and I have seen a load of miracles and it has been great. I just realized that I forgot my camera and therefore cannot send pictures but I have them to send for the next week. Fear not.

Elder Sanchéz is a great person. He is just so nice and friendly to everyone and we have been able to see a lot of miracles in this week. We were able to see the baptism of one of the elders in the zone and it was really sweet because his son is on a mission and he wanted to get baptized as a surprise for his son. 

Also yesterday we were teaching about Easter and the Resurrection and we asked this for year old girl who Jesus was. Her answer "Jesucristo es un conejo" or in English, "Jesus is a bunny"  
We almost died of how cute it was.

Hmmmm. What else. That is about all. Love you all.

Elder Miller

Angol Sabor Papí

ANGOL ZONE...Companionships for this cambio...the only all elder zone in the mission

 April 10
Well transfers came and guess what. I am leaving after six weeks. I totally did not expect it after being here six weeks but I am going to Angol in the ward of Alemania. So I guess you could say I am going to mother Germany. Also I am going to have my first peruvian companion. His name is Elder Sanchez. It is going to be really interesting because he is really short and really really tan. I am not tan and not short. We will be an interesting companionship.

Also this week I said goodbye to Elder Carroll because he went home. He was the elder I did my first intercambio with. So that was pretty sad. Also Elder Pace is pretty awesome so it will be sad saying goodbye to him. He is going to stay here in Curacautin.

I am really happy however because really soon we have a conference with President Nelson and we get to go and meet him in person. We have to travel to Concepcion so I get to go back there after so much time being away. 

Anyway love you all,

Elder Kelton Miller

(After all this time I still don´t know how to end this e

Friday, April 7, 2017

A talk to remember

Well first of I really enjoyed general conference. It was great. We watched it in our church house but there wasn`t that many members who showed up. For the Priesthood session it was just my comp and I and we had a lot of fun. Also on Sunday it was really funny because between sessions the members got some tables together and ate lunch. Thats not really funny but the amusing part was that they all started drinking This drink called mate. It is like herbs that you put in a cup with a speciall straw and then you drink it with hot water.
So that is what the members did in between the two hours of general conference. It was great.

Also this week was really great because we GOT SHIRTS AS A ZONE! So that was great. My comp and I are modeling them in these pictures.

Also I want to challenge all of you to go and watch the new video from the church called Prince of Peace. It is fantastic.


Say it with me Malacahuello

Malacahuello is a small city in my sector and it is actually where my branch president lives. Cool experience of the week. My comp and I decided to go and see if we could find some people there to teach so we go and we start to look for a map first. We get off the bus by the library and ask them. they don`t have one but send us down the road and across the street to the ranger station they don`t have one. we go back to the library and go to the closest houses behind and shout "ALO." (It is how they knock on doors down here.) A women comes out. We say, (In Spanish) "Hi we are missionaries and we share about Jesus
and his restored gospel. Have you ever met missionaries before?" She replies "My son is a missionary." Startled because we are kind of in the middle of nowhere we reply "Of our church?" "Yep"
So that was cool. We are actually going to go teach her this week though.

But wait there is more. 

Remember we were looking for a map. So after eating lunch with the branch president we walk to where the bus takes us back and see a tourist station. Although we are not tourist we enter and ask for a map. They had one. Also the guy who gave us the map was really interested to hear more about the missionaries and what we do.

However things are going really great here in Curacautin. It is still in the part of the year where it doesn't rain as much.

Love you all,

Kelton Miller