Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Here come cambios.

It is so crazy sometimes all the things you do in the week and then
when it comes time to tell everything you can´t remember a single

However I am doing pretty good. I am going to be staying here in San
Pedro another little bit so I will probably have about eight months
here. It is a great ward and I am really happy to be here. Time is
going by really fast for me.

Something really weird is that all of my companions that I have had up
until now are going to be going home this next week. Things like that
are weird to think about. I am happy however to be here and have the
companions I have. I am sure that they are tired of me and all the
ideas I give to change things but they put up with me and we are doing

I love you all and hope you are all doing well. As well this week in
my studies I learned about Diligence and how it is a related with how
much we love our heavenly father. It was great studying that and
thinking about different ways that I could show and grow my love for
my Heavenly Father.

Well Love you all

Elder Miller

Intercambio with the other Elders and all the binders I make for the
new missionaries

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Well. Happy Pioneer Day.

So this week I rearranged everything in the office. That will tell you
about how my week was. On the up side I really like it a lot better.
On the down side everyone is really weary of me saying that I have an

Also this week I was on an exchange and working with the companion of
my district leader. As we were contacting a women let us in and she
called her son as well. She said she was busy but agreed to have a
quick prayer. After the prayer and a short video we were ready to go
because we actually had to end the exchange at this hour. However we
invited the son of the lady to go to some english classes that the sister missionaries in the ward were supposed to be giving that night.

He was really interested and started walking with us to the chapel to
go to the classes. As we walked I called the sisters to make sure that
they were going to be there and lo and behold they weren´t.
Nevertheless they committed the other sisters to give the classes and
everything worked out.

That is my missionary experience of the week. I hope you all enjoy it.

In all cases. I hope that you are doing well.

Elder Miller

Sunday, July 17, 2016

🐫 So I guess its been about a year or so🐫

So this week I hit a year away from home. I wasn´t really paying
attencion too much but everyone kept asking me how long I had been in
the mission and I had to answer them. Then yesterday when we got back
to the department in the night. I realized what that it was July 15th.
It was also the day in which my companion Elder Clark arrived here in
Chile. Needless to say we didn´t really pay much attention to it.

In other news we went to the beach today and took some pictures. I
will send some don´t worry. Also we went to this mine called "El
Chiflon del Diablo" Translation being "The Devil's Whistle" It was
really interesting. It was a coal mine that is now a tourist
attraction. One of the cool things about it is the entrence is like
half a mile away from the shore. The mine in itself is 25 meters belowsea level and even more than that it goes under the sea. Pretty crazy
and everything. Needless to say I was way too tall for that. 

This week we also did a lot of office things that don´t really need to
be mentioned.

That´s all folks.

Elder Miller

Sunday, July 10, 2016

One, Two, and Three

This week was a very unique oportunity for me. President May arrived
this week and now I have officially had three different mission
presidents. Not only have I been in the mission under there direction
but I as well have been able to work with each of them closly during
my time here in the office. It is a little wierd because out of all of
the Elders here I am the one who has been here for the longest time.
Actually I am the only one who isn´t kind of new and at times it can
be really stressful because they rely on me a lot but I am working
with people called by the lord and as the saying goes who he calls he

President May is amazing. I am confident that he is a man called from
God to guide this mission.  We had several conferences this week but I
only went to the one. It was actually really great not having to
travel all over the mission. I really don´t know what to say except
that I am okay and everything is going well.

Elder Miller