Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Elder J

Behind the Scenes

                                                              Mystery Photo
All the members hate saying my companions name so they simply try
anything but his name. I find it quite hilarious.

Basically this last week has been the funnest week in my mission.
Elder Jorgensen is such a goof ball any it is great. I never know what
to expect for the day. We are working really in our sector. We have so
many people who need to get married it is crazy. I thought this before
but feel even stronger now that God called me to be a wedding planner
and not a missionary.
Well for now there is nothing sure.

I love you all and I know that when we try our best to be our best
that is when we see the blessing in our lives to get the guidance and
help that we need to grow.

I am really happy here in Labranza and I am learning a lot. It is
fantastic. I am in a house of pure gringos. I am quite content with

Love you all,
                                                                More mystery                                                       
                                                                         Some past Zone

Elder Miller

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Labranza, It is time to harvest

Well this was one of the biggest weeks in my mission. Big as in a lot
of things happened. It was great. so first off we had cambios or
transfers as we gringos call it. I greeted the missionaries coming to
the mission and then I got on the bus for about 4 and half hours to
make my way down to Temuco. My new companion, Elder Jorgesen is a
firecracker. not that he is explosive or angry but he is really fun.
He is from Gilbert Arizona and he is 18 right now. It is weird to
think that I graduated two years before him but he is really mature
nonetheless. I love being in Labranza. I know so many missionaries
that have been in this ward that I can relate to the members really
easily. There are also so many different investigators that I need to
get to know. It is pretty crazyl

Labranza is a city suburb of Temuco. it takes about twenty to thirty
minutes to arrive on a bus from Temuco. we are actually part of a ward
that meets in Temuco so we travel to Temuco to go to church. It is not
like Vilcùn though because we actually have reliable transportation

Also the 18 of Septiembre was great. We had so much asados, barbecue
but not really because no barbecue sauce. Also a member taught us to
make empeñadas. members came and left food for us and we had a ward
activity. It was great. Also after much practice I have learned to
sing the nation anthem of Chile. For the most part.

There were just so many fun things that happened this week. It was
spectacular. I will be sending pictures to describe better the joyous
events that have happened.

Love you all,

Elder Miller

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I´m Ready Now!

                                                                      The District
The title of this email is also the title that the assistants have
given to this transfer. I haven´t confirmed the reason but I think it
has something to do with the fact that I AM LEAVING THE OFFICE!
                                                    We only eat junk food appearantly.

That is right. After eight different months, three mission presidents and
way too much junk food I am leaving to be in the mission field once
                                                 Cleaning houses with Hermana Lee!
 So I already know where I am going as well. I am going to a place
called Labranza. It just so happens that that is the same place where
the former elder Cox ended his mission. I am really excited for the
fact that I am also finishing someone elses training.

So there is that. Other than that the week has been relatively calm I
guess. It might just be that I am used to everything now and things
don´t surprise me as easily.
                                                       We finished almost all the sushi

It is kind of sad leaving elder clark and the office but I simply
repeat the title of the email.
                                                                  Elder Clark

                                              This is a fardo of corbatas. A sack of ties. Yep
In other more calm news, Chile is in a bustle preparing for the
famous, but not so famous that we know about it in the states, 18 de
septiembre. All the stores have chilean flag decor everywhere and
people sell stuff related to the 18 on street corner. (Instead of just
band aids and car fresheners)
        He is elder Murillo. He is from the other mission. We all went and ate lunch together.

Well that is really all that comes to mind right now.
Love you all,

Elder Miller                           Elder Maldonado sharing a quick thought.

Friday, September 9, 2016

It wasn´t on the menu

The weeks are literally just flying by. It is not natural at all.
Anyway some really cool things happened this week but first I will
share with you the funniest to me. Also the inspiration for the title.
My companion and I found this place to eat that was relatively cheap
and really good. The following day we invited all of the missionary
couples of the office to come with us and try it because it had really
good salmon. They all happily came. Elder Jones, the husband of the
mission nurse, isn´t the biggest fan of salmon and when we got there
he wasn´t there when they told us what was on the menu for the day. He
asked simply if they had any pork products. They informed us they did
but he responded asking for pork chops. They didn´t have it but ever
so eagerly our waiter stated, "You know what I will walk across the
street to the meat market there and we will buy and prepare pork chops
for you." And they did. I don´t know if telling this story it was as
funny as when I was there but I hope you enjoy that one.

Sharing just one more story from this week I will share with you
something cool that happened when my companion and I were contacting
houses. We were contacting and that this lady with really white hair
anwers the door. She spoke to us and asked if we were the Mormon
missionaries. We responded with the affirmative. She then says that
she is just in the house as a visitor but shouts upstairs to ask the
owner if she can let the missionaries in. We hear a response of "No No
No No" She then responds from below. "But they are gringos and I want
to talk to them."(Mind you this is all in Spanish) Then with permission
obtained we enter into the house. She starts to talk to us in perfect
english and tells us that she is from Wyoming(Or Wisconsin I don´t
really remember.) Then as we talk to her and get to know her religious
background we find out that she is an Adventist. That she is here in
Chile promoting homeschooling and that her parents were actually
Adventist missionaries here in Chile when she was a child. It was
really odd finding another gringo here. (Another in the sense of one
more because I have found a lot.) Anyway we taught her and she didn´t
want to read or accept a copy of the book of Mormon but she did take
and promise to read the restoration pamphlet. steps. She lives in the
south of Chile though so probably won´t ever see her again. Also she
was like 80.

Anyway I know that the lord is preparing people everywhere to hear the
message of the restoration and I know that one of the ways he does it
is through us. I love you all and I love the gospel.

Elder Miller

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