Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Monday, September 28, 2015

Si vas para Chile

Well this week went by really fast. I am almost done with my first transfer here in the mission. A transfer is just six weeks and it doesnt mean that I am getting a new companion or area but its pretty cool. We have to go back up to concepción this week to for whats called a return and report and then we just keep going on with what we are doing. 

Everthing is going really well. I feel tired a lot but it isnt a big deal. The weather is changing here and its starting to get warmer here because we are coming out of winter. 

So we have a baptism/ wedding this coming month and we have a lot of planning to do. It is going to really cool though. We are going to baptise them in a river. As long as the weather permits that is.

Also this weekend is general conferance. Let me just stress the importance of this for a moment. So First of God has a prophet on the earth today. Second, there are twelve apostles called to testify of christ. Most importantly we get to listen to them live. Basically what that means is that you get to hear from God. They are going to be sharing the EXACT same message god would be sharing if he was here in person talking to us.

Elder Miller

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

¡¡The Deiciocho!!

The day in which you just eat constantly. If you eat less than 4 empanadas this day you are considered a failure. It was super fun though. I took a nap. Also we had an activity with the ward and that was fun. 
Empanadas are the food of Chile. Also mote con husillo. Which is like oats in a juice with a dried peach in it. Its better than it sounds. 

The reason I couldnt write like normal monday was for the fact that I had to head up to Concepción for a lunch with the mission president. My zone made a goal for baptisms before I got hear and they hit it so I got to go. It takes like five hours to take a bus to there and then we stayed for two hours and took another five hour bus back. It was swell.

So much happens and I dont really know what to say. We have a baptism for the 16th of October with this family who are just waiting to get married. Its pretty cool. 
I am going to send some pictures from this week.

Monday, September 14, 2015

We are going to see a Miracle here in Vilcún

 Mission President & Sister Bluth From Arizona 
 Temuco Nielol Zone, Catrihuala1 

Here in Vilcún everything is going well. We have been able to get a lot of new investigators and set return visits. I am really excited to see how much progress we can acheive here. This last saturday we had a service activity with the Nielol ward here and it was a great oppurtunity to meet new people and advance the work here in Vilcún. Also it has been pretty sunny recently and thats been nice. I have to much hope for Vilcún and I know we are going to see a miracle here in Vilcún. You can quote me on that.

Any way this week for all of you in Los Estados Unidos (United States) It is just a normal week. However here in Chile everything is bustling and everyone is preparing for the 18th. Why? BECAUSE its the independence day of chile. I don't know the whole story but I do know that it is going to be a really fun day. Also a really great experience to get to know more about the culture (Food) of Chile.

Also if you were wondering what the candy is like here in Chile well lets just say "I hope you like wafers."  Everything has wafers in it. There is a large variety of wafer candies of varied flavors but all have wafers. I will be collecting a list of the best candies and will send you a top five list. 

I don't have any pictures for this week but I will try to get you some for the next.

Elder Miller.

Monday, September 7, 2015

We are going to see a Miracle in Vilcún

So just so you all know life here in Chile, although different, is very good. I have had a lot of lessons with new investigators, recent converts, and thats about all. 

So the members in Vilcún are amazing although few. We have about six active members and it isnt a branch. Yet. We walk and take the bus everywhere. Its pretty awesome. They just opened a new plaza in town and its awesome. We are going to do some contacting there. 

We had people working on our roof so it wouldnt leak and for a couple days we werent able to have a fire and they happened to be some of the coldest days. 
Also a few days ago one of the volcanoes that´s further away was letting off a lot of smoke and it was cool.
Things are going great down here and I dont want any of you to worry about me.