Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Monday, January 25, 2016

I went to the Freaking Volcano!!!

I did it. It was awesome. We had a member drive us up to the park and
we were able to hike right up to the base of the Volcano! It was so
cool! We hiked up and there was even snow at the base. The hard crusty
type but it was snow! We were also with an elder from El Salvador who
had never seen snow before in his life. He was able to sled down one
of the hills on a jacket that we brought. A good experience I am sure.
We took some good pictures and ate a snack then headed back down. The
member accidentally left the car lights on and the battery was dead. So
here we are in the middle of one of Chiles national parks with a car
with a dead battery. My companion and one of the other Elders ran to
the nearest military instilation to get help. They were really nice
fellows and even took the time to pose for a picture with us.

This week was also really cool because we have some investigators who
have committed to get married and baptized! We have all pistons
running so that we can get the wedding planned for the beginning of February.

Anyway I will be sending those pictures as well.

I hope everything is going well for you guys.
Elder Miller

Underneath the Shadow of Mordor!





Wonder of Wonders

Jan  18, 2015 
This week was really hard but really good at the same time. I just
felt so tired but so eager to do everything. When we put all of our
efforts in we really are able to accomplish great things. I have been
able to feel the guidance of the spirit so much in these past couple
of weeks. This Sunday was so great. Over my time in Vilcun we have had
a lot of little steps toward bigger things. This Sunday was the
biggest. We had a wonderful meeting in church and the thing is there
wasn't a single person from the ward in Temuco. All of the classes and
talks were given by people here in Vilcun and not even the
missionaries. Also we had a really great family in church and they
absolutely loved it. We were able to put a goal for them to prepare to
get baptized.

Also this week I saw my very first llama in Chile. I took a picture
and will be sending it. Is it a little sad that I got excited about
that. Probably but I am sending it anyway.

Elder Kelton Miller

Monday, January 11, 2016

It is watermelon season!

It is so cool being down here right now. I by that I mean just the
opposite. It is ridiculously hot. I am frying. Also I heard that there
is a hole in the ozone down here or something but if someone could
find that information out for me that would be great.

Anyway Elder White and I have just been working very hard to try to
find new people to teach. It is a little difficult sometimes because
usually people in this town let you in but don't want you to come back.
However this week I have taught some of the best people yet. There is
this one guy named Pablo and he is just GOLD. We actually had an
appointment scheduled with his mom but she wasn't
and we were teaching. We taught him about how God always worked
through prophets in order to lead his people. We explained that when
Christ was on the earth that he set up a church, established on his
apostles. Expounding on the fact that they had all died and that the
earth was left without this priesthood authority after their death. He
then said "So Christ's church isn't on the earth right now." Well
actually.... IT IS!!!

Accidentally sent that early but yeah.

I love you all and don't have any more time but I hope the best for you.

I know that God lives and that he sent his son because he loves us.
(John 3:16) Also I want to let you all know that even though we may
not see it all the time that God is in every act of our lives. The big
and the small. He loves you. Jesus loves you. I love you as well but
they love you way more.

Elder Kelton Miller

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And it came to pass that it was a new year

These last two weeks have been really hard to work in. The people were
all really focused in the festivities of the new year. Especially the
guy I saw in the market with two carts full of beer.

New years we had dinner at a members house again. It was actually the
same member that we ate Christmas dinner with. It was really good as
well. We went back to our house at 11 and then brought in the new year
by banging on some pots and being overly excited. Chileans have a
couple of really wierd but cool traditions. For instance they have a
tradition of eating a certain type of bean soup at midnight. Then for
the next two days they all stay in there house drunk. The second one
wasn't really a tradition it was just an observation that I had.
Anyway Elder White and I are doing all right. We are roasting in the
heat. I thought I got badly sunburned Saturday but then when I woke up
Sunday God decided otherwise. This Sunday was a really cool moment. It
was the first sunday in the history of Vilcun that we had priesthood
and Relief Society classes. That is going to be such a blessing to the
members and for their spiritual development. Also this last week an
adult couple of missionaries arrived to Temuco area. They are so cool.
They are taking care of us missionaries and also they are doing really
great work in strengthening the branches down here.

Well just to finish of I hope all of you are able to take this time of
news and look at what you are going to work for this coming year.
Place some goals. Then the important part WORK TOWARD THEM. We are
never going to get somewhere if we do not work for it. God gave
holidays so that we can remember him and develop. (Leviticus 23)

Con Mucho Cariño
Elder Kelton Miller





                  We made tacos!