Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Saturday, December 31, 2016

La Noche Buena

So basically Navidad was a success. The members were really awesome,
they gave us like whatever food. We had dinner the 24th with a member
family and it was fantastically delicious. It was funny a little bit
because they had the nonmember grandma there and she brought her own
bottle of wine to drink. She only drank one glass but funny especially
because her daughter was calling her inicua(Wicked) the whole time.

Christmas we had someone come to church and she loved it. We found her
the other day in an intercambio with the zone leaders and her husband
is a little more... He is going to take a little bit of time. She
wanted us to come back and teach her whole family. The coolest part is
that since the first time we found her she was saying that since she
moved to temuco from Santiago that she felt that the people arent
friendly or nice but after she went to church she said that church and
the people there were excactly what she needed.

After church we watched the President Monson movie and it was great. I
know that he is a prophet of the Lord. I know that the church is in
good hands because they are the lords hands.

Elder Miller

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Navidad! Navidad! Me gusta la Navidad!

Bueno en estos tiempos Navidenas quiero compartir lo que significa
para mi la Navidad. Ojala que me entienden. Bueno, para mi es un
tiempo muy especial en que todos cambian y se acerquen. Es un tiempo
de alegria y perdon. Mas que nada es un tiempo en que recordamos a
Cristo. Que nació y que gracias a lo que hizó todo cambió.
                                                                 Christmas Zone activity

So back to English. I had a wonderful week highlighted by a Christmas
conference with the whole mission. Lots of familiar faces and a few
new ones as well. that was really cool to see. It was probably the
most spiritual thing that I have seen in a long time. I loved the
experience. Also sad to think that I am hitting all of my lasts in my
mission as I am reminded so much by the younger missionaries. We are
doing good and we have had a great week in Labranza. We are seeing a
lot of miracles and such. I learned how to make sushi this week so
watch out. It is basically the best thing ever.

                                                              Chato (Chilean Saying)

Love you all and have a Merry Christmas.

Elder Miller

                                                                The crew from the CCM

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas miracles.

This week was fantastic. Everything just seemed to work out. members
were actually available when we needed them, we were guided to the
houses that were ready to hear the message, and we had a wonderful
conference with Elder Bragg of the seventy.

Also this week we got a bunch of references. We decided to contact one
in the morning before lunch and even though we didn`t have a phone
number it was Saturday so we thought they would probably be home. They
were. They let us in. We taught. They committed to come to church. We
passed by in the morning and they were ready. In church we invited
them to get baptized and they, although still a little unsure,
responded in the affirmative. All of this in the span of 24 hours. It
was great.

Also this week we were contacting after our plans had fallen and
sharing the Christmas video. We were about done with the street and
decided to contact one more house. The house we contacted, although
very nice did not let us in to share. However as we return to the
center of the street the neighbor across the street is in his front
yard. We talk to him and he lets us in to talk with him and his
friend. Both don`t really believe in god but really friendly guys. We
share the Christmas video and they begin asking us questions. To
answer the questions we share the restoration of the gospel. Time was
up and it was getting late so we put an appointment to pass by in a
couple days. We invite them to end with the prayer and I, in all
seriousness, think this guy might have read king lamonis prayer before
because it was just about exactly the same. Then as we leave they tell
us that the first guy that we contacted in the street had seen us in
the window and was like,(Rough translation all of this was in Spanish)
"Lets talk with the Mormons" "¿Hablamos con los Mormons o no?" and
went outside so we could contact him.

Those are just some of the miracles of this week. Love you all and
hope that you have a wonderful week of preparation for la Natividad

Elder Miller

Friday, December 9, 2016

Temuco Cautin, la Zona de Animo y Fuego

So first off we got transfer calls and it was pretty weird. This zone
has been about the same for the 3 transfers I have been here. I am
staying with Elder Jorgensen much to his chagrin. No hes great. We are
doing pretty good.

This week we actually saw a lot of rain, and a lot of sun. it is weird
here in Chile. Also we walked alot. Just being normal missionaries. We
have been seeing a lot of miracles and support from the members. I am
going to share an experience from this week. We asked for a reference
from a sister in the ward, She gave us one and said that she had been
talking to her neighbors and was going to invite them to a family home
evening sometime. We were like great. Then we gave her a pamphlet to
give to the family. She immediately went over to knock their door to
give it to them. We are meeting with them on Friday.

Well that is really all I can think of.

Love you all,

Elder Miller

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ilumina el mundo (Light the World)

Photos found from Mission Face Book Page  
So this week the church started its Christmas initiative and it is
fantastic. So for those of you who haven`t seen it yet it is on
Mormon.org and there is an advent calendar of a whole bunch of
different things you can do to give service this Christmas season. I
love it because it focuses on how we can follow the example of Jesus

This week was pretty great. We ended up having 
4 people in church and
that was really cool. for two of them is was their first time ever
going to one of our church services. They both seemed to like it.
Actually one of them offered to give us a ride to the church so that
was really cool. The other person we had taught once before and we
taught her with her family. Her family didn`t really want anything but
she knows a member in the ward that she went to school with before so
she met up with her and went to church. So that is another example of
how missionary work is much more effective with the members.

I am doing okay. The weather is kind of killing me because it is
really hot and then really rainy but that is fine.


So it was really cool because we actually had thanksgiving. They don`t
celebrate it here in Chile but a member knew that we had thanksgiving
as a tradition so she invited us over for a thanksgiving style meal.
Then in the night when we got home we made thanksgiving burgers.
Thanks Wendy`s for the experience. Overall it was pretty cool.

Well love you all.

Elder Miller