Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Saturday, May 28, 2016

I went to everywhere

This week we had conferences with the zones in which Elder Maldonado
and I went and help set up beforehand for the conferences and then
while the conference is going we have to go and check all the houses
and take pictures and all that. So we have been driving up and down
the coast this whole week so that we could be there for the zones.
Other than the traffic in and out of Concepcion it has been a good
experience. Also Elder Maldonado doesn´t have a license so I do all
the driving. I basically have driven at least 8 hours every day this
week. Basically I am doing everything that I did before the mission. I
go on really long road trips. Work on the computer a lot and make
sandwiches for a lot a people. God does put experiences in our lives
so that we can use them later on.

I am really tired from driving but it is cool as well. I am having a
lot of really neat experiences.

I love you all.

Elder Miller

Monday, May 23, 2016

One more week in the office. One more person in the house

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Things are better in threes

 "Just so you know I meant like five or six Chilean time so it would be like around now to do skype."

Gracias. Mom rushes home from church to skype

This week has been really tiring. So first we had the transfers which
are always crazy, especially when you are in the office. As well I got
my other new companion, Elder Maldonado.

On the very same day as transfers we had to move out of our department
so that it could get remodeled. Meanwhile we are living outside of the
mission boundaries here in Concepcion. The apartment we are living in
is from one of the missionary couple that just went home and we are
living there before we close the house. We then also had to clean out
a warehouse that the mission office has. Pictures attached. Lets just
say I am ready for a nap.

It is really different being with two companions. However we have a lot of fun.

Love you all.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

And Thus we went to the Chancho

Chancho means pig. We went to the pig. Not in a literal sense but more
of a we celebrated extravegantly many times this week. To put things
in perspective this week is the week before cambios. Transfers. We
have been celebrating something different almost every day. For
instance one day was Elder Hatch´s birthday so we celebrated. The next
day was the cinco de mayo celebration. Then I got a new companion out
of nowhere and we celebrated.

Yes I said I got a new companion. Transfers haven´t even happened yet
and I got my companion so he could learn how to be an office elder.

My new companion is...... Elder Clark!

The very same Elder Clark that went to Skyview high school!

Strange news indeed but it is pretty dope.

However on the sad side Elder Runyan is not going to be my companion anymore.

One  more thing on that you may not have seen coming is that I am
going to be in a Trio!

I don´t know who is going to be my other companion at the moment but
president has told us that there is going to be another Elder coming
up with the changes to be an office elder with us.

In all cases the week was very good. We were very busy with many
things like I had to fix another alarm system and to be honest I don´t
really remember all of the things that I do but thats fine.

Love you all and until next week when I can tell you about La Locura.

Elder Miller