Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


 June 26, 2017

So last week on Monday night president gave us a little curve ball. We were just doing our thing and then president calls and asks to meet with us in our house. We start thinking to remember if we did anything wrong. Maybe he was going to bring us a dryer because we are going to be getting those soon or who knows what. Anyway he gets there and asks to talk with my companion in private. I just stay in the other room with his wife and take the time to show here how to prepare a traditional drink called mate and then after a while president and my companion come out and he tells me. Well I have decided to call your companion as my assistant. Hope you don`t mind. He will be coming up this week. I just think. "Bueno, it is the lords will."

Anyway right now I am with Elder Glach from Colorado. He is really cool He is a convert of 2 years. He has one year in the mission. He is just really cool. Also he is a writer and does a lot of cool stuff. I am with him because he didn`t have a companion either and we were just two orphans in the zone. Right now we are covering the two wards and we are having loads of fun. 

Next week we should be getting our real companions but for the mean time we are just doing our own little thing down here.

Lots of love,

Elder Miller

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