Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Sunday, November 6, 2016

It's halloween?

That awkward moment when you don`t find out that it is Halloween until
you are already writing home to your family.

They don`t really celebrate Halloween here in Chile. the closest thing
that they had to celebrations were a bunch of evangelicals in the plaza
singing. I think they might of even been there against Halloween but I
wasn't paying attention. The only noticeable thing is that basically
all of the small stores are closed today.

This morning we played soccer on this big synthetic field here in
labranza. It started raining a little bit as we played but it didn`t
really matter for us.

This last week was getting to be a bit hot until today when winter
came back with all its rainy wrath. It hasn't been as bad as some
other times but nonetheless it gets you soaked. All in all though the
weather doesn't really matter.

This week was good. We found a lot of really cool families. Labranza
is a really cool place in general. We got a few different less active
families to come back to church this week as well. It was really great
seeing them there. Also yesterday we ended teaching this guy who
didn`t believe anything we said unless we backed it up with a
scripture from the bible. however we were able to do that even though
he had a lot of questions. Not lieing it was pretty amazing.

Anyway love you all.

Elder Miller


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