Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Keep it up

​                                                                   Photo: Kelton
This week was really quite interesting I am sure.

As far as investigators go we finally convinced someone to get married. Now all he has to do it go get the document from the civil. 

We are teaching a really interesting Adventist. He won`t actually confess to be an Adventist but I got a feeling that he is. 

Another has read like 50 pages of the book of Mormon after just one lesson.

We found one investigator when his wife answered the door and told us to go away and then he was like i want to listen to them. We got in and then found out that his wife is a member and he isn`t. Don`t judge her. Her husband had recently had surgery and she didn`t want to stress him.

That is just some of the fun things that are happening in Labranza city. It is pretty awesome.

Also suggested reading for the week. John 15. That was actually one of the things we talked about in zone meeting this week. It was great.

I really always forget to take pictures but here is one that shows how much it rains sometimes.

                                                                 Photo: Elder Jorganson

Insert from Elder Jorgenson ~ "So, this week I accidentally put my hand down on my razor and cut my hand open, but luckily my companion had some Minion Band aides ready for me, lol."

 So glad my minonary care pages was able to serve the missionaries. 

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