Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Monday, November 14, 2016

The seventh day...

If you all remember last weeks email I told you a little bit about
some of the investigators. Well as it turns out I was right and one of
them is totally an Adventist. He is so Adventist that he doesn´t want
to believe. It kind of was lame.

Sometimes people are so convinced that something isn´t true that even
when they read they don´t learn anything because of the bad
misconceptions that they have had before.

Other than that experience we had a wonderful ward party. It was the
most fun that I have had at a ward party in my life but to be honest
it might  have been a little apostate. However all is well in Zion.
The ward party was like lip singing songs. They ward asked the
missionaries to do something. The Hermanas in the ward imitated a
baptist choir but we did a different song. I will try to send it but
no promises.

We also participated in a festival of nations. We went to represent
the united states. It was at a really big soccer stadium. the owner of
the stadium came by with his paparazzi and took a picture with us. That
was cool.

One of the elders in my zone had an idea to buy a big bag of ties.

Anyway This week I am going to leave you with 4 Nephi to read. Don´t
worry it is just one chapter.

Love you all.

Elder Miller

It appears that I cannot send the video but it is funny I promise.

                                                              Singing Praises

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