Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Sunday, October 23, 2016



So this week was great. I did an exchange and I went to a town called Cunco.
It is basically Vilcun but on the other side of the volcano. I
felt a little nostalgic for my first sector. It was really fun being
there. It was also raining really hard. For basically this whole week
actually. Did I mention it is supposed to not be winter here. i`m not
sure that they know that. We had a load of fun though.
I am really happy today it is sunny again and it isn`t too hot yet.
This last week we worked really hard to find teach and bring them to
church but it turned out that actually arriving at church is always
the hardest part. The ward is really cool and we actually had a
primary program this week. It was really well done. I missed teaching
primary a little bit. Shout out to Valiant 9`s.

Also here everyone always wants to give us food. Lets just say that
the challenge is real. I think i am gaining more weight than when i
was in the office and didn`t walk all day. Also Chileans have a type
of pride that gets really offended if you don`t take their food.

This week i did a lot of studying and thinking, you might say
pondering even, about how god gives answers. in the scriptures it says
almost countless times phrases that say "ask and ye shall receive,
knock and it shall be open unto you, seek and ye shall find" Things
like that. The basic principle that we can learn from this is also a
principle that is taught much better by Elder Bednar about being an
agent. Acting and not being acted upon. Basically god wants to bless
us, answer our prayers but the answer cannot precede the question. As
we take the proactive to study and ponder and pray that is when God can
reveal things to us. Revelation then is things we learn from study and
that God then helps us understand on a deeper level than intellectual.
Anyways that is my soapbox for the week.

love you all

Elder Miller


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