Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Monday, November 2, 2015

This is halloween

But actually it wasn't because they don't really celebrate Halloween here in Chile. They do celebrate a little but I didn't really notice anything. This last week has been really cool. It all went by really fast. 

We had an intercambio(interchange) Not really sure how it translates. So for one day I was with a different elder for a day. He is from Argentina and is super animated. It was a cool experience because I got to work in Temuco. Temuco is the third largest city in Chile. Vilcún is about an hour away from Temuco by bus but we go in to temuco for all of our meetings and stuff.

Also we are working with a bunch of people and got a lot of people to go to church this past week.Which is usually the hardest part. We have been doing this thing called a fourty day fast. Which basically is we stop doing some things so that we can be guided by the spirit. We have seen so much more miracles with this fast. For instance, this last sunday we were walking back from lunch from a members house. We usually only eat at one members house but for various reasons we had to eat a different house. We also had an appointment that fell for a really weird reason. So we set up a different appointment. On our way back to the house for our weekly planning (Which we should have already been doing but we had that appointment) we heard someone yell "Elder." We turned to see a couple with a pair of bikes. It turns out that they are members from Santiago. They had just gotten off of the bus and set out to find a house to rent in Vilcún. They had been praying to see elders so that they could find out if there was a church there. We showed them the church and then and introduced them to some of the members from Vilcún so that they could have help finding housing. It is really great because we have few people in Vilcún and none of them have had the experience in how the church actually runs and now we have a couple sealed in the temple moving to vilcún.

We also went bowling as a Zone today. I thought I was okay at bowling but I guess I forgot how.

Elder Miller

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