Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I´m Ready Now!

                                                                      The District
The title of this email is also the title that the assistants have
given to this transfer. I haven´t confirmed the reason but I think it
has something to do with the fact that I AM LEAVING THE OFFICE!
                                                    We only eat junk food appearantly.

That is right. After eight different months, three mission presidents and
way too much junk food I am leaving to be in the mission field once
                                                 Cleaning houses with Hermana Lee!
 So I already know where I am going as well. I am going to a place
called Labranza. It just so happens that that is the same place where
the former elder Cox ended his mission. I am really excited for the
fact that I am also finishing someone elses training.

So there is that. Other than that the week has been relatively calm I
guess. It might just be that I am used to everything now and things
don´t surprise me as easily.
                                                       We finished almost all the sushi

It is kind of sad leaving elder clark and the office but I simply
repeat the title of the email.
                                                                  Elder Clark

                                              This is a fardo of corbatas. A sack of ties. Yep
In other more calm news, Chile is in a bustle preparing for the
famous, but not so famous that we know about it in the states, 18 de
septiembre. All the stores have chilean flag decor everywhere and
people sell stuff related to the 18 on street corner. (Instead of just
band aids and car fresheners)
        He is elder Murillo. He is from the other mission. We all went and ate lunch together.

Well that is really all that comes to mind right now.
Love you all,

Elder Miller                           Elder Maldonado sharing a quick thought.

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