Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Labranza, It is time to harvest

Well this was one of the biggest weeks in my mission. Big as in a lot
of things happened. It was great. so first off we had cambios or
transfers as we gringos call it. I greeted the missionaries coming to
the mission and then I got on the bus for about 4 and half hours to
make my way down to Temuco. My new companion, Elder Jorgesen is a
firecracker. not that he is explosive or angry but he is really fun.
He is from Gilbert Arizona and he is 18 right now. It is weird to
think that I graduated two years before him but he is really mature
nonetheless. I love being in Labranza. I know so many missionaries
that have been in this ward that I can relate to the members really
easily. There are also so many different investigators that I need to
get to know. It is pretty crazyl

Labranza is a city suburb of Temuco. it takes about twenty to thirty
minutes to arrive on a bus from Temuco. we are actually part of a ward
that meets in Temuco so we travel to Temuco to go to church. It is not
like Vilcùn though because we actually have reliable transportation

Also the 18 of Septiembre was great. We had so much asados, barbecue
but not really because no barbecue sauce. Also a member taught us to
make empeñadas. members came and left food for us and we had a ward
activity. It was great. Also after much practice I have learned to
sing the nation anthem of Chile. For the most part.

There were just so many fun things that happened this week. It was
spectacular. I will be sending pictures to describe better the joyous
events that have happened.

Love you all,

Elder Miller

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