Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 5?

Week 4

Life here at the CCM is pretty much the same as usual. Wake up, study, eat, study, get taught, teach, eat some more, teach and get taught again, do language study on the computers then do more language study off of computers then go back to the apartment and go to sleep. However as monotonous as that sounds its not bad because as I have previously stated my district is the absolute best. It really doesn't seem to me that I have been out that long at all. I am super excited to get out to the field. the temple in concepción is just out of my mission boundaries but the ground breaking is in october. Also in october is General Conference which I think I have said before I am super excited for.  It is odd for me to think that I am currently in a different country and that this time in two weeks I will be somewhere in Chile. It is really good hearing from all of you and you can feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel knows me well enough to want it. 

This last tuesday we got to see Elder Nelson talk at the Provo MTC via live streaming and it was a great talk. Hearing an apostle talk was just stoking my excitement for General Conference. In my time here I have obviously had a lot of time to search ponder and pray as a primary song directs and it is really great to be able to have a better understanding of ... well a lot of things. On of the things that I want to share is about repentance. A lot of the time we think of repentance as something hard and the connotation isn't good. However repentance is merely aligning your actions to better fit the knowledge that you have of what you should be doing. Something that I have learned is "Doctrine understood changes behavior." and although we may know the words and the stories it isn't until we truly understand for ourselves that we can truly change our actions. Although we still make mistakes even once we have that understanding its what we do after those mistakes that what truly makes the  difference. It doesn't matter what you've done the atonement more than makes up for any mistake we could make. Don't take my word for it though. Find out for yourself.      
                                             Pictured Elder Felix and I and Rainy Mexico.

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