Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
Called to Serve

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Solo Español... ¿En Verdad?

Week 5

First off it is really hard to know what to write. So much happens here but at the same time not much occurs. I will say however that it is really exciting for me right now because I just got my flight plans and general itinerary. It is an eight hour and a half hour flight to Santiago then we take an hour and a half flight to Concepción. We fly out on Monday and arrive Tuesday. Other than that exciting piece of information we also got to go to the Mexico City Temple open house today. It was a really great experience. I got to take a nap on the bus ride back. So same old me.

I am pretty excited to go to the field. I feel ready with my Spanish abilities. At least enough to survive until I get fluent at least.

I might not have an opportunity to email next week due to how P-Days fall so don't worry too much if you don't hear from me. Promise I will be fine.

If you have any questions that you want answers to feel free to email me. If you have questions you don't want answers to email me anyway and I won´t answer them. 

As always I have to say my district is the best and so are my meastras. 

So I know sometimes parents have to give talks in sacrament meeting every once in a while so if they ask soon you can have Brother Reeder read this: En el CCM hacemos muchas cosas. Todas las cosas nos prepare por el campo misional. Mi testimonio es mas fuerte de cuando yo fuí al CCM. Yo se que Dios nos ama y quiere para nosotros siga el ejemplo de Cristo. Se es posible por nosotros a aprender por nuestros mismos de verdad de todas las cosas si tenemos fe en Jesucristo y su Expiación. Por favor hacen las cosas que necesitan hacer para haller por usted mismo. En el nombre de Jesucristo amen.

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