Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ilumina el mundo (Light the World)

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So this week the church started its Christmas initiative and it is
fantastic. So for those of you who haven`t seen it yet it is on
Mormon.org and there is an advent calendar of a whole bunch of
different things you can do to give service this Christmas season. I
love it because it focuses on how we can follow the example of Jesus

This week was pretty great. We ended up having 
4 people in church and
that was really cool. for two of them is was their first time ever
going to one of our church services. They both seemed to like it.
Actually one of them offered to give us a ride to the church so that
was really cool. The other person we had taught once before and we
taught her with her family. Her family didn`t really want anything but
she knows a member in the ward that she went to school with before so
she met up with her and went to church. So that is another example of
how missionary work is much more effective with the members.

I am doing okay. The weather is kind of killing me because it is
really hot and then really rainy but that is fine.


So it was really cool because we actually had thanksgiving. They don`t
celebrate it here in Chile but a member knew that we had thanksgiving
as a tradition so she invited us over for a thanksgiving style meal.
Then in the night when we got home we made thanksgiving burgers.
Thanks Wendy`s for the experience. Overall it was pretty cool.

Well love you all.

Elder Miller

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