Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas miracles.

This week was fantastic. Everything just seemed to work out. members
were actually available when we needed them, we were guided to the
houses that were ready to hear the message, and we had a wonderful
conference with Elder Bragg of the seventy.

Also this week we got a bunch of references. We decided to contact one
in the morning before lunch and even though we didn`t have a phone
number it was Saturday so we thought they would probably be home. They
were. They let us in. We taught. They committed to come to church. We
passed by in the morning and they were ready. In church we invited
them to get baptized and they, although still a little unsure,
responded in the affirmative. All of this in the span of 24 hours. It
was great.

Also this week we were contacting after our plans had fallen and
sharing the Christmas video. We were about done with the street and
decided to contact one more house. The house we contacted, although
very nice did not let us in to share. However as we return to the
center of the street the neighbor across the street is in his front
yard. We talk to him and he lets us in to talk with him and his
friend. Both don`t really believe in god but really friendly guys. We
share the Christmas video and they begin asking us questions. To
answer the questions we share the restoration of the gospel. Time was
up and it was getting late so we put an appointment to pass by in a
couple days. We invite them to end with the prayer and I, in all
seriousness, think this guy might have read king lamonis prayer before
because it was just about exactly the same. Then as we leave they tell
us that the first guy that we contacted in the street had seen us in
the window and was like,(Rough translation all of this was in Spanish)
"Lets talk with the Mormons" "¿Hablamos con los Mormons o no?" and
went outside so we could contact him.

Those are just some of the miracles of this week. Love you all and
hope that you have a wonderful week of preparation for la Natividad

Elder Miller

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