Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Saturday, May 7, 2016

And Thus we went to the Chancho

Chancho means pig. We went to the pig. Not in a literal sense but more
of a we celebrated extravegantly many times this week. To put things
in perspective this week is the week before cambios. Transfers. We
have been celebrating something different almost every day. For
instance one day was Elder Hatch´s birthday so we celebrated. The next
day was the cinco de mayo celebration. Then I got a new companion out
of nowhere and we celebrated.

Yes I said I got a new companion. Transfers haven´t even happened yet
and I got my companion so he could learn how to be an office elder.

My new companion is...... Elder Clark!

The very same Elder Clark that went to Skyview high school!

Strange news indeed but it is pretty dope.

However on the sad side Elder Runyan is not going to be my companion anymore.

One  more thing on that you may not have seen coming is that I am
going to be in a Trio!

I don´t know who is going to be my other companion at the moment but
president has told us that there is going to be another Elder coming
up with the changes to be an office elder with us.

In all cases the week was very good. We were very busy with many
things like I had to fix another alarm system and to be honest I don´t
really remember all of the things that I do but thats fine.

Love you all and until next week when I can tell you about La Locura.

Elder Miller

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