Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Keeping up the Pace.

This week was really cool and spiritual. Also really challenging. So first a spiritual experience or two.

So we had asked the branch president for referrals and less actives that we could visit. He told us about a less active who he had met once but didn`t know really well. He gave us a phone number and basically said go for it because they live in a really rural part. We gave the number a call and after talking to the fellow he seemed more than happy to invite us to his house. We then talked to the branch president again so that he could give us a ride in his car and we went. The brother was really excited to see us and actually said that it was the first time that a branch leader and the missionaries had taken time to go to his house. He expressed a lot of gratitude and shared with us his story. It was a long story. Then we left. But we all felt better for having visited the family and it was good.

This week we also got a call about a member who moved for Concepcion to our area. This member is really sick and asked for a blessing and for the sacrament. On Sunday we went with a brother from the branch and gave her a blessing and you could tell the peace that the house received after we had given her the blessing and the sacrament. Also we were really impressed by the faith of the sister because after we talked to her we realized that she had been a member for less than a year but that she valued the things she learned so much that she wanted to keep in contact with the church.

Those were two cool experiences this week. 

Sorry I never have pictures the computers here in the new city aren`t really adequate
to send them.

Love you all,

Elder Miller

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