Mision Chile Concepcion Sur

Mision Chile Concepcion Sur
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Friday, March 17, 2017

Did I that it was beautiful? Did I that it was beautiful?

Well here I am in Curacautin. The weather has been rather odd. It is either raining and really cold or really sunny and hot. It is rather bothering because I never know how to dress. The branch here is really cool though. There are about 30 members or so and they are all really nice. The branch president has a lot of fuego (fire) and it is great. My companion and I get along super well. I don`t think i have had comp study this fun in the mission because we just get caught up with what we are doing. He really likes to learn and he is really humble so that is fantastic.

I had a cool experience this week. We were waiting for a bus and where we were there was two different buses that pass by. One bus just passed by the main road and the other has a route inside a small community and then goes to where we were going. We were waiting and the bus that goes through the community comes and we didn´t get on because it comes back out so we could still catch it before it left. However there was a guy who motioned for us to get on but we had to cross a kind of busy street so we didn`t at that time. We wait and get on the bus when it comes out again and I sit down kind of close to the guy that told us to get on the bus. He ends up talking to us for the whole bus ride and was really interested in going to the English

classes that we have. So that was a cool.

Love you all,

Elder Miller
                                          love finding pictures from missionary mommas

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